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About IschglSee

IschglSee Apartments is the right choice for visitors looking for a combination of charm, peace, quiet and a convenient location for exploring the area.


Welcome to IschglSee

Experience the splendor of our remarkable location at the entrance to the Paznaun Valley. Immerse yourself in the perfect winter sports vacation in the Silvretta ski area of Ischgl-Paznaun, or enjoy an adventurous summer vacation packed with exciting activities such as hiking, mountain biking and swimming in lakes, amidst an abundance of opportunities. At IschglSee we warmly welcome guests from all over the world and offer spacious and luxurious apartments. We eagerly look forward to your visit and the opportunity to create lasting memories.


Luxury apartments

Our apartments are located on the second floor and each apartment has a spacious balcony that offers enchanting mountain views. Imagine enjoying a delicious cup of tea or coffee, with your favorite book on the table, while completely immersed in the breathtaking scenery. This serene and fascinating atmosphere provides the perfect setting to relax or serves as an ideal starting point for an active vacation in the mountains.

The perfect place for families.

History of See

Are you curious about the origin of the name See? As you’ve probably guessed, the name means “more.” In the past, there was indeed a lake at the bottom of the resort’s valley, leading to the aptly named “See.” Unfortunately, the original lake was buried by a landslide in 1433. Today, vacationers can still enjoy a fantastic family sports and water park now located in the same location. The history begins in 1809 when a wealthy man named John Douglas bought a large piece of land to fulfill his father’s will …

The resort town of See in Tyrol is known for its varied offerings, enchanting atmosphere, exceptional mountain sports and leisure activities and delicious local cuisine. It serves as an ideal destination for families with children, as the smallest village in the Paznaun region offers an excellent base for unforgettable family vacations in the Tyrolean mountains.

With only 1,167 inhabitants, See proudly holds the title of the smallest village in the Ischgl Paznaun region. Located at an altitude of 1,056 meters above sea level, this enchanting resort is embraced by the Verwall Mountains to the north and the Samnaun Mountains to the south.